Monday, February 20, 2017

Warfront #37 Contents Page by Wally Wood

And dunnae even get me started on what SHOULD have been the cover(last image).  Not sure why the sketch of Wally himself (first image) was made more generic for publication, but later in the comic, there is still some really great self-portraits

Downtown 3,000 by Jack Kirby

This splash inspired us in grade school to spend every free moment draw'n cities of the future, and I want to thank Kid for showing us how it was colored across the big pond

The Avengers #51 Cover by John Buscema

Giovanni announced his new, evolving style in a big way with this great, fun cover, and I dug it

RBCC #69 Cover by Bob Kline

Been star'n at this forever, but this image is bigger, better, faster, stronger.  We lost Al Jarreau eight days ago, what an amaz'n voice, and as I've said before, one of my favorite riffs by him was, "Wait a little while and weather what you have to/ give it the time and it will come to you/ as soon as you no longer try you're gonna turn and find it stand'n by your side/ don't forget it/ if you let it/ it'll come to you...."

Original Thor's Flight by Frank Frazetta

I cannae count how many times I've posted this without tak'n off my shoes, but here the first image is the actual painting, so embiggen and enjoy

Ink For Blood Part Three by Barry Smith

Been quite a while since I put this up, but now Heritage has a colorized print (that may have been colored by Barry hisself).  All three are amaz'n

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Chamber Of Darkness #5 Cover by Jack Kirby

Amaz'n that Death went from this cool but terrify'n guy on the cover and splash, to this cute, cuddly fella five pages later